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Private Online Lessons with Skype

How to setup skype

  • Get a skype account with a webcam that has audio capability, OR get a webcam with a mic (NOTE: If you are having trouble making your audio work, make sure to check under Tools > Options > Audio Settings in skype, and make sure you have the appropriate Webcam selected under "Microphone".)
  • Once skype is loaded, under "Contacts" on the top menu, select "Search for Skype Users"
  • Type in "bobrosevocal" in the search box, then hit "Find" (DON'T USE ANY OTHER SEARCH PARAMETERS)
  • Once Bob's account is found, click "Add contact"
  • Enter a message to Bob, and hit "Send"
  • Bob will then receive the message, and when he "accepts", you should see Bob listed under your skype Contacts.
  • Then, Bob will start a test video conference with you.
  • To make payments, go to and enter the total amount of payment agreed upon.
  • Once payment is confirmed, we can setup a date and time for lessons.